Dosage Control

Oral Droppers

Our Dropper Assemblies are in different sizes and colours with different volume marking. These droppers are individually sealed in FFs Pouches or in Bulk Packing. Our precise engineered products are developed under hygienic conditions and thus safe to use. Cap Size, Rubber Teat, Dropper Size, Volume Mark and Colour as per customer requirement.

Ear / Eye / Nose Droppers

These bottles can be made available in various sizes as they can be customized as per specific requirement of the customer. These bottles are manufactured with high quality LDPE/ Lupoline Grade plastic. We manufacture and supply Eye/Ear Dropper Bottles, which are used in packing Eye/Ear Drops. These Bottles are manufactured in Imported IBM Machine in Class One Lac Dust Proof unit. It comes with the assembly of Single / Double Seal Cap and Plug.

Measuring Cups

We manufacture Measuring Cups of various sizes in special polymers with different volume marking and colours. These Measuring Cups are manufactured using hi-tech mould and moulding machines which have unique features. Used as a measuring device for liquid medicines, we also offer personalized moulds with Embossed Logo.