Aluminum ROPP Caps

Made of Aluminum Sheets and fitted with EPE liners these caps find its use in sealing Glass/Plastic Bottles for prevention of pilferage. ROPP caps have multi-colour Lithography printing. For Pharmaceutical Bottles, ROPP variants include short skirt regular type caps fitted with either EPE Liners or PVC faced Cork Liners or Latex Liners.

Keeping in view of our multi product manufacturing and end user’s requirements, utmost care is taken in terms of “Good Manufacturing Practices”.

Customisations Available: -

  • Top Embossing
  • Top & Side Printing

Plastic Caps

The Pilfer Proof Caps offered by us are tamper evident and possess a special tear off ring at the bottom which separates when container opens for the first time. These caps guarantee that the product is free from any pilferage. These caps are fitted with EPE Liner or Induction Sealing liner (for Glass of Plastic Containers).

Customisations Available: -

  • Top Embossing
  • Top Printing

Child Resistant Caps

The Child-Resistant Caps offered by us represent an optimum solution for age-based function and operation.

All of our child-resistant caps are based on the familiar press and turn system.

  • Interesting design and good grip of the outer edge
  • Easy operation for end consumer
  • Child proof handling